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Stephen J. Gordon In The Name of God
Author Bio
Stephen J. Gordon's writing credits include a memoir for Good Housekeeping and television series work for Maryland Public Television. Additionally, his feature film script, Rapid Eye Movement, was accepted by the Independent Feature Film Market in New York. Mr. Gordon lives in Baltimore.
Book Reviews
Fast-paced and engrossing, "In The Name Of God" follows the roller coaster life of Gidon, a former Israeli operative who now works as a substitute teacher while running a Charles Street martial arts dojo. Haunted and conflicted by his undercover past, he simply wants to lead a peaceful, unassuming existence.

But after preventing the assassination of a visiting Israeli prime minister candidate, Gidon's world is turned upside down as Israeli agents and a Russian gang called the Guardians of Heaven are red hot on his trail, making a balagon (mess) of his love life and forcing him to resort to his Sayeret Matkal elite unit training while confronting his inner demons. After a young acquaintance is killed in his dojo, Gidon finds himself mired in a conspiracy that threads from the tony neighborhoods of Northwest Baltimore to the holy, cobbled streets of Jerusalem.

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